Coldplay see you soon chords

coldplay see you soon chords

See You Soon tab by Coldplay at Coldplay - See You Soon chords. Highlighted Show chord diagrams. Coldplay - See you soon Intro: G G D. Coldplay See You Soon / Alright so this is how chris martin plays it, but weird tuning so the tuning is: EGDGBD / Capo on 2nd Fret / Chords. Link to Tab: coldplay / Tuning: EGDDBD.


How to Play "See You Soon" by Coldplay on Guitar Beginner by Pete Francis. Listen to sand studio record for the strumming and the hammer-ons. C But don't answer that [Chorus] G Cause in a bullet-prove vest D C With the windows all closed G I'll be doing my best D G No you never should have D C But don't break your back if you ever see this G From Decemberthe band worked with producer Brian Eno on their fourth studio album, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friendswhich was released on 12 June Home Free Guitar Course.

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