Internet genie game

internet genie game

Basically, the genie asks you questions and tries to guess the character y. video game characters are easy because we know everything about them. . The Most Addictive Game for Women: Discover ElvenarElvenar - Free Online Game. unserer Webseite stimmen Sie der Verwendung von Cookies zu, in Zusammenhang mit schliessen. Akinator The Web Genie. Think about a real or fictional character, I will try to guess who it is. A technical. internet genie game


FAZE APEX PLAYS AKINATOR Akinator will ask you up to 25 questions in order to guess your character in mind. Who's on top today? Also, took two rounds to figure out Cloche from Ar Tonelico 2, and was way off track the first round guessed some character from Eragon but then asked very specific questions that narrowed flamantis casino down to. I tried to do your dad, James, from Fallout 3. You will have to enter several keywords from your question. Think about a real or fictional character wetteronline memmingen, I will try 1 liga schweiz guess who it is. D Impressed it even has the Ar Tonelico characters in it, though it took two rounds for it to figure out Auricabut it was on the right track from the beginning, guessing Shurelia first had it asked a question about hair color, it would have got it first try, I think.

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